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Backup Camera, imirror Rearview Mirror Dual Input Auto-Dimming Monitor Screen with IP68 Waterproof & Super Night Vision Camera

Product Features:

    ABOUT THIS ITEM:Key Feature4.3-Inch TFT-LCD MonitorEC Auto-dimmingLight SensorAutomatic High Brightness AdjustableAdjustable GuidelinesOEM Replacement Mounting BracketBuilt-in 4.0mm Premium GlassBackup camera displayHow to Install This?Only 4 steps: 1, Remove the Original mirror from the windshield base mount. 2, Correctly Install this Unit on the original windshield plate. 3, Fix this Unit by…
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Product Description


Key Feature
4.3-Inch TFT-LCD Monitor
EC Auto-dimming
Light Sensor
Automatic High Brightness Adjustable
Adjustable Guidelines
OEM Replacement Mounting Bracket
Built-in 4.0mm Premium Glass
Backup camera display

How to Install This?
Only 4 steps: 1, Remove the Original mirror from the windshield base mount. 2, Correctly Install this Unit on the original windshield plate. 3, Fix this Unit by a screwdriver, 4, Connect the Wire Harness to the corresponding engine wire, layout all extension cable perfectly.

Will This Fit?
The unit comes with a bracket that works with many popular vehicles: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, GM etc. A Universal windshield mount is also included which allows this unit to be installed on any vehicle.

What’s Included?
1x Mirror Monitor with Universal Bracket
1x Wire Harness
1x Special Tool for Installation
1x Universal Drilling or Hanging Backup Camera
1x Windshield Plate
1x User Manual
1x Remote Control

1, If you don’t make sure our bracket is suitable, please leave us a message about your car model, we will provide you a special bracket, otherwise, we will send a universal one default.

Product Features

  • 【LIGHT SENSOR】The backup camera kit of imirror features Built-in light sensor which can automatically to detect the ambient light at weak light or strong light, the display then changes brightness accordingly
  • 【EC AUTO-DIMMING】Drivers often face glare from vehicles behind when driving at night. The backup camera kits is intended to free the driver from the difficult task of flipping a little latch on the bottom of the rear view mirror to save his or her eyes from the blinding effects of the headlights of the car trailing behind. This technology has patent owned USA company
  • 【BACKUP CAMERA DISPLAY】 Equipped with a waterproof & HD night vision backup camera, When parking, the trigger to reverse gear, the backup camera will work, and the backup sight will be displayed automatically on the monitor screen
  • 【DUAL VIDEO INPUTS】Buill-in 2-way video input for front and a backup camera to display the matching sight when driving forward or reverse
  • 【ADJUSTABLE PARKING LINES】Adjust the guidelines to fit a suitable position with a remote control before driving, you can park in accordance with the accurate distance scale displayed to avoid collision and scratch backward with the backup camera kit, which to ensure the maximum safety and precision parking